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Organization! (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

This is the second installment in a series from our CEO, Sarah. You can read Part 1 here. Please note there are hyperlinks in this post.

Now that we have laundry under control and outfits ready for the week, let’s tackle the fridge and pantry.

The dollar store is going to be the place to hit up for this task! Clear bins and labels are going to be your best friends when it comes to organizing - especially the fridge and pantry.

For best results I've found that keeping things in groups was the way to go. For instance, ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, BBQ sauce and other condiments go in one clear bin together. I've labeled mine "BBQ" but you can do whatever works for you. This is convenient for quick dinners, outdoor meals, and keeping your fridge clean. Just apply this concept to the other items in your fridge. Put "like with like". And, BOOM! You have a clean and organized fridge.

Pro tip: If your fridge has the space, purchase some extra containers and label them with the names of the people in your household that take a lunch. When time allows throughout the day/evening, throw in the items that everyone would take for lunch the next day. The containers take up less room than lunch bags themselves and allow you to see if you are missing anything. This was a big help when my kids went to mainstream school. Now we use this method for snacks and lunches for play dates, field trips and hikes.

Open refrigerator showing shelves and drawers full of neatly organized food.

The concept of grouping similar items together also applies for the pantry. Use clear/see-thru bins and baskets. Take things out of boxes so you can see how many items you have left. Look for small shelf inserts that fit in your cupboards to store cans and other small items. This enables you to see what you have at a glance so things don’t get lost or expire in your cupboard. You don’t want to keep purchasing food you already have on hand simply because you can’t find/see it. Functional organizing has never been so easy or inexpensive! Upon saying that, however, purchasing everything all at once (even at the dollar store) does add up. So, do what you can when you can.

Because my boys snack on cereal a lot, I purchased a cereal dispenser from Amazon. Keeping snacks in baskets or clear bins and then letting the kids know what they can eat (and how many per day) is a great way to establish some independence while still keeping things organized. We also keep our fruit in a large fruit tree that I purchased from Facebook Marketplace. The kids tend to eat more fruit if it’s out and waiting for them!

Coffee/ Tea station. I won’t lie. This is probably one of the most important stations for me. Caffeine is my life line! Try to set up an area that is functional. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. Just something that works! Have your cups (including travel mugs), coffee, tea, sugar etc. in one area so you aren’t searching everywhere first thing in the morning. No one has time for that!

Next month, we will talk about meal planning and meal prep! I will include some tried and true recipes that have worked for my family.

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