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Our Response to HRTO's Decision in NJ vs Granite Club

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Hamilton, Ontario - January 28, 2023

Balance SSCS is disheartened to hear that renowned autistic artist, Niam Jain, was subjected to discrimination at The Granite Club in Toronto. In 2020, an incident with another member occurred which prompted the private club to conduct an investigation. Rather than providing accommodations, they required that Niam be supervised at all times; thus, robbing him of his dignity and independence.

This prompted Niam's family to file a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario who recently found that the club had failed to in its duty to accommodate the artist's disability.

While we're pleased with the decision, this just shows that much more work needs to be done to create awareness and break down the barriers that neurodiverse and disabled people face every day.

Autistic individuals and their families have to fight so hard for acceptance and inclusion. Society needs to be more aware and understanding of neurodiversity and disability. It should not have to be so difficult just to be treated with kindness and respect.

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Balance Support & Self Care Studios was created with parents and caregivers of individuals with diverse needs in mind. We recognize the value of the staff and community. We are committed to striving for excellence through inclusiveness, team collaboration, quality of services, and the participation and contributions of volunteers and community members. To learn more, please check out our website

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