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Our Response to the Government Not Meeting Its OAP (Ontario Autism Program) Target

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Hamilton, Ontario - February 6, 2023

Recently, Global news reported that this government missed it's self-imposed target of moving 8000 children into Core Clinical Services which is the direct funding part of the OAP (Ontario Autism Program).

Autism services in Ontario have historically been plagued with endless waitlists, red tape and lack of supports. Every time the government decided to make changes, any momentum in getting children into services was lost and waitlists grew.

When this government announced that they would endeavor to put a "needs based" program in place, we were cautiously optimistic. A massive overhaul was desperately needed and long overdue. No government had gotten it right. Previously, waitlists varied from region to region, only one type of intervention was supported, there was a conflict of interest with the regional providers handling both funding management and service delivery, and there was no regulation in place.

Since 2019:

While much progress has been made, we are still disappointed that this government did not meet its target.

Both the pandemic, and delays in getting AccessOAP up and running have been catastrophic to this OAP's rollout and implementation. Families are still confused about the process and what is offered.

While the processing of registrations and issuing of OAP numbers has been faster since AccessOAP took over the administration of the OAP from the Ministry, much more needs to be done to streamline the process of getting families into Core Clinical Services; as well as informing them of the supports that are available to them now.

However, we must stress that children and youths who are disabled but not autistic don't have access to a comparable program like the OAP. If this government is going to implement a true "needs based" program, then it should be for ALL needs - not just one diagnosis. Otherwise, it's simply discriminatory. There is no reason why this province can't have an Ontario Disability Program (ODP) that meets the needs of children and youths of all disabilities.

We need to see more progress with the OAP's implementation and a prioritization of supporting all disabled Ontarians.

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