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Blessed Aries New Moon!

This post is from Karena of The Witch's Inn. If you would like full Tarot readings and/or Reiki sessions with her, check out her website here

The first new moon of the astral year!

If you missed the new year/new me trend back at the beginning of 2022, don't worry! This moon's got you!

I think it's about time to burn that tired old saying down! Instead, the Aries new moon is showing you all the steps you've been taking to align to the most alchemized version of yourself, while asking you how you want to burn some past bridges and go deeper.

Let's try these saying "New Year, stronger Bridges"

Collectively it seems like March stayed true to itself and came in like a Lion. I know my lioness was roaring! As the month progressed, and more specifically when that wheel turned at the Vernal equinox, the lamb made its appearance, forcing our energies inward, to discover how we wanted to bloom this coming year. Over the last few weeks, I've been checking in and asking how you've been clearing out your spaces, both physically and spiritually. Over in the Liberated Witch, we've been attuning to our highest vibes, while following along with Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray. Believe it or not, the easiest way to burn bridges is by adding new aligned routines that allow old habits to die off. No fire is needed... unless you wanted to.

This moon take some time to sit with your appearance. That's right! More specifically, how you show up in the world!

This can be physical, spiritual, a brand, an aesthetic, within your relationships or various ways you appear in your world.

Create some sacred space before sitting with your Tarot cards or journal to answer the following prompts.

Use a nice spicy or citrus essential oil in the diffuser like cinnamon or bergamot to set the tone, and call in the element of Fire. Take a few clearing breathes to cleanse your energy, calling in your higher self and guides. When you feel grounded and ready, ask yourself:

  • How do you want to appear at work, at home, with friends, on the internet, in your spiritual life, in your bank accounts, in the way your dress, etc. Create a picture of the most aligned version of you, on the inside & outside. What do you wear, what actions do take every day to feel good in this appearance, what do you drive, what do you eat and so on.

  • Think about why you want to show up in this way. What stories make up the ideal version of yourself? Are they healthy, or are they a version of you meeting expectations from a shadow story?

  • How are you already showing up in these ways? I bet you're already doing a lot of the things, you just haven't sat to take inventory of yourself lately.

  • If not, what small step could you take to get closer to your big picture you. This is not the time to make big radical changes in your daily routines, but a time to create sustainable change by integrating new habits into your day-to-day life.

And finally, the Emperor's big question!

Why does this matter to you?

Set your new moon intentions based on the Why! You'll find your soul aligns with more ease when it knows its purpose.

As a chaos Witch, I'm not one for too much structure and timelines. I enjoy allowing my web to unfold as it does. I used to think that this was me reacting to life, which made me feel like my appearance was messy and out of sorts. Big lack of energy. However, in the past year, I have found when I sink into my rhythms and flow with my intuition that this chaos has created so much more trust in my abilities. I still have moments where old patterns creep in, asking me to control ALL the things, but I'm better at letting go and surrendering because I can see how I am showing up in my world. I can sit with the story, taking the time to reflect on my actions, enabling any intuitive messages to direct me to where this web can be more complete. In short, my Emperor isn't as quick to critique where I am but leads me where I'd like to be.

Know Witch, that you are taking life by the horns. Don't be afraid to boss up in a way that feels good and authentic to you. Burn the expectation bridge of past stories and bloom this year into your more vibrant you.

Blessed Be

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