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Organization! (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

This post is from our own CEO, Sarah Klodnicki!

Two closet shelves. Top shelf has three small white boxes and one small box covered in a floral print on top of a stack of books. The shelf underneath has a pillow on top of two folded blankets, a white ceramic urn and a wicker basket full of towels.

Getting organized is usually a task that most of us avoid if possible. It's not something that we normally think will help save us time, keep a routine, or give us peace of mind. But, I’m here to give you that some simple organizational techniques will literally be a game changer!

Over the next few months, let's slowly start to transform our disorganized spaces into fully functional, helpful spaces that JUST MAKE SENSE! As a working mom of 4, I have spent most of my life looking for efficient strategies that work for my neurodiverse family’s needs. Let me share with you some strategies and techniques that have worked for our family, and even sneak in some meal prep tips and recipes!

Let's start with putting together the morning routine. Keep in mind my children are younger. So, older children can help with this task. On the weekend, I make sure to catch up on all of the laundry. I then put together 5 clothing sets for every child. Each set consists of socks, underwear, and an outfit. I have two used multi-coloured carts with drawers (similar to these). I've labeled the drawers with a child’s name and a day of the week. An outfit goes into each drawer for each day (Monday to Friday) for every child. So, every morning there is an outfit ready to go and I'm not searching for socks or clean boxers for anyone. It's just done! This came in very handy when my kids were in school and we had uniforms.

Four differently coloured plastic drawers with individual labels. Starting from the top and going down to the bottom, the drawers are orange, blue, purple and green

Next is my closet. I have put outfits together on hangers from business dress to casual. This way, I have a "pre-made" outfit ready for myself for almost any situation. Before I used to spend way too much time trying to find something to wear in the morning. Now, my morning routine just takes a few minutes.

In the next article, we will continue on with some more morning routine organization tips that have worked for my family.

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