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Our Story

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Beginning of Balance

Balance Support & Self Care Studios all started with a couple of moms asking themselves a few questions:

  • What are some things we wished we had when our children were going through the diagnostic process?

  • What could we use now?

  • What do we think we are going to need later on?

After asking ourselves these questions, we got to work answering them!

Looking back, we realized that we wanted someone who just "GOT" it. Someone to talk to who has been through it and understands what it's like for the family during difficult times. Someone who could help provide some resources and information.

Basically, we were looking for support. And, as we approached the other two questions, we realized there wasn't much difference in our needs and wants back then, now or in the future.

Being active in the community, we noticed that parents and caregivers needed a place to find resources, support, and community information. They also needed to learn about and practice self care.

By combining mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practices, we are able to offer a wonderful "Balancing" experience for our members.

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