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Self Care Tips to Take into the New Year

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  • Eat Something Green: Nourish your body more in the New Year by adding nutrients into your daily routine, even if it’s just once a day.

  • Morning Meditation: 5 minutes a day can make a big difference without making a big dent in your day. If you’re brand new to meditation, check out a few apps or some at home devices to help get you started.

  • Workout for You: Even if it’s a short walk or a ten minute stretch, do something to get your body moving every day. Move your body simply to move it and with no other bodily goals in mind. A moving body is a happy body!

  • Carve Out Time to Process Your Emotions: Sitting with unresolved emotion can really weigh you down. So this year, work on processing your emotions. Whether you need to write them out in a journal or simply find some alone time to reflect, taking a few minutes to do so will make you feel infinitely better.

  • Set Your Intentions: Whether you do it daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, setting intentions is a great way to create a goal and a positive mindset to help you get there.

  • Do One Thing You’ve Been Putting Off: Even if it’s as simple as a load of laundry, completing small tasks that are looming over your head help to clear looming anxiety, too. This year, tackle your tasks in a timely manner to help to create a more grounding space for yourself.

  • Start Each Day With Gratitude: A really easy step toward becoming an overall more grateful person is to recognize what you’re grateful for each day. Wake up and list three things you’re grateful for. You’ll feel luckier and more blessed by the day.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”: Don’t take on more than you can handle. Always keep in mind you are allowed to say “No” if you truly don’t want to do something, and let that empower you to make choices that align more closely with your desires.

  • Gather a support team: Gather a group of people who bring positivity and non-judgmental help. Cut out the negative influences on your life that keep you from maintaining your health and stability.

  • Resolve to make yourself a priority—it’s not being selfish: During the coming year, set yourself up with healthy habits, a fresh setting, an encouraging support group and self-awareness. Reflect and celebrate intentionally. Start out the season by bettering your health and mindset through giving yourself guilt-free alone time and grace.

If you having difficulty, need help and/or experiencing crisis, reach out or go to our list of Resources

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